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Hi! I'm a 49-year old single mom to my 16-year old son. I am disabled because of cardiomyopathy (heart muscle damage) due to chemotherapy for breast cancer. I am grateful for and try to make the most of every day. I love to scrapbook, read, cross stitch, and work on various other crafts.

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Flower Assembly Line - Total Lunacy!

These are the flowers I was making for my sisters for Christmas.  I didn't get them done on time, but at least they'll have them by New Year's Day!

Completed Flowers!

Assembly Line
Totally Wrecked Work Space

Buttons and Bling Everywhere



  1. LOVE your work area!!! Thanks for Sharing and for coming to my ustream class!!! I loved having you! Turning the volume down when Kat sang was soooooooooooooooo funny! lol LOVED IT!
    take care and stay sweet

  2. WOW!! Love your work area and what a joy it is to see so many buttons....I love collecting buttons!! ;) Huggz to you Sandy hope you are well!!